Czech VR Fest, Prague – Virtual Worlds
2:30 PM14:30

Czech VR Fest, Prague – Virtual Worlds

Bohemia VR. Experience Czech historical monuments using a technology called photogrammetry. Castles can be seen in virtual reality even from completely inaccessible places. Traveler in Time "Player" has the task of finding a number of relics in each locality with time travel and teleportation. After scrolling the relics, the player can learn more about these rare items and keep them in their own depository. The whole virtual tour will be accompanied by a raven who can be trained to help search the relics. The experience aims to popularize the history of the Czech Republic in a modern and entertaining way.

However, because the virtual and mixed reality is very young, he decided to popularize it with lectures and started a YouTube channel where he tries to bring the development of virtual reality to a wider audience.


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